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Acrobat 2017-48 "Bill"

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Acrobat 2017-48 "Bill"
Anno 2017
Tecnica Acquerello e tampone su legno preparato
Descrizione Artist Sergio Milani - ( Acrobat 2017-48 "Bill" ) designed, built and painted in Italy size in 7,8 x 8,2 x 3,5 weight lb 0,66 ....... "whim" master's art collection by Sergio Milani. The "ACROBAT" line horses are the child's interpretation of his toy; the puppet is articulated, his arms and head legs can rotate to make him take several balancing positions in swinging. The work is made of wood prepared for the painting with specific white background. The rocking baskets are of precious wood. The decorative theme dedicated to this line is "FLORAL GEOMETRIC COMPOSITION", the ornamental motif integrates the whole composition. The chromatic technique is carried out with watercolors and variously diluted swabs. As a tradition mane and tail are finished with 22Kt gold leaf. The name of the "Bill" doll remains linked to the catalog number and will never be repeated. The work, numbered and cataloged, is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity with photo and autograph signature of the artist.
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